111 Free Hill Road, Hendersonville TN  – RECORDING STUDIO

111 Free Hill Road, Hendersonville TN  – RECORDING STUDIO     $429,000

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Studio Highlights

  • Control Room Designed By Architech Austin Bealmear And Steve Durr
  • Recording And Mixing Acoustically Engineered
  • Very Spacious Tracking Room
  • Vocal And Drum Isolation Booths
  • Control Room, Tracking Room, And Isolation Booths Designed Without Any Parallel Surfaces
  • 2’ Thick Walls Are Constructed Of Concrete And Sand
  • 18” Walls On Iso Booths.
  • ½” Dual-Pane Glass Between Control Room, Tracking Room And Iso Booths
  • Mogami Wiring From Tracking Rooms To Control Room – Provides Easier Cable Termination And Better Sound Quality Than Braided Shield
  • Control Room And Studio Has Separate Transformer
  • Dimmers Designed For Lighting In Studio & Tracking Room To Eliminate Rf To Prevent Guitar Pickup Noise
  • Air Conditioning And Heating System Contains All Baffled Ductwork To Muffle Noise
  • Full Kitchen for Artists Convenience And Enjoyment

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